Análise dinâmica avançada de estruturas de aço sob cargas extremas

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Publicada em 11/04/2014

Discente: Everton André Pimentel Batelo


Rigorous structural analysis is of fundamental importance when designing structures and also for guarantying proper performance. Steel frames are an excellent structural solution for various types of buildings. Its structural design and slender shape configure a light, economical, efficient and quickly assembled structure. In some situations, these steel frames are subjected to a dynamic load level that can cause permanent deformation and localized damage in the structure which may lead to its partial or total collapse. However, elastic design to overcome this behavior tends to be uneconomical. Thus, a certain amount of damage due to extreme loading is acceptable, provided the safety of the building is not jeopardized. This work aims to evaluate the nonlinear behavior of steel structures under dynamic excitation, exploiting the structural hysteretic damping. Such damping is related to the structural plastic deformation and its inherent energy absorption, with consequent redistribution of internal forces and formation of plastic hinges. The refined plastic-hinge method is used for the second order inelastic dynamic analysis, performed via computational interface CS-ASA (Silva, 2009). Real impact loading and seismic data were used during the study and demonstrate the relation between hysteretic damping and the consideration of material yielding of the cross sections. Good representation of the nonlinear transient responses was obtained with the refined plastic-hinge method when compared to other numerical analysis and experimental studies.

Áreas de Concentração:

- Mestrado: Estruturas e Construção


- Andréa Regina Dias da Silva
- Ricardo Azoubel da Mota Silveira

Banca Examinadora:

Prof. Ricardo Azoubel da Mota Silveira, UFOP (Presidente)
Profa. Andréa Regina Dias da Silva, UFOP
Prof. Francisco de Assis das Neves, UFOP
Prof. Paulo Batista Gonçalves, PUC-Rio


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