Avaliação do desempenho térmico de coberturas metálicas utilizadas em edificações estruturadas em aço

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Publicada em 09/12/2011

Discente: Alexandra da Silva Dias


Effective roofing must provide features such as tightness, impact strength, lightness and durability in addition to presenting appropriate thermal properties to external weather conditions. In Brazil, many studies have been developed in order to evaluate the thermal behavior of various types of tiles. However, few evaluate the contribution of tiles with metallic material and the geometry of the roof to the internal heat gain of a building. In this way, this study has been carried out to evaluate the thermal performance of different types of metal roofing used in structured steel sheds for the eight bioclimatic zones established by the standard NBR 15220. It was evaluated the color and shape of the roof and also the material tile. The development work was divided into two stages: the first was an investigation into metal roofs on sheds that was more used in Brazil. The second was numerical simulations, using Energy Plus software. To evaluate the thermal performance it was used as a parameter the temporal evolution of shed temperature inside and the roof surface temperature. The results showed that the types of roof with natural ventilation have better performance, regardless of weather conditions, especially the transverse shed roof in summer climatic conditions. For warm and mild climate cities with low daily temperature range, the metal plain roofs without insulating material have satisfactory thermal performance. As for cities climates with high daily temperature range the metal tiles that has insulating material between the layers are more appropriate.

Áreas de Concentração:

- Mestrado: Estruturas e Construção


- Henor Artur de Souza

Banca Examinadora:

Prof. Henor Artur de Souza - UFOP (Presidente)
Prof. Marcílio Sousa da Rocha Freitas - UFOP
Profa. Lucila Chebel Labaki - UNICAMP