Admission to PROPEC’s courses occurs once a yearand the admission dates are formally published in the newspapers with classes beginning in the first quarter of the year. If vacancies are available, more students may be admitted in the second and third quarters.

Admission Criteria
The admission process is normally based on the applicant’sgrade point average (GPA), letters of recommendation, and resume, together with any other additional criteria defined by the admissions committee selected by the program coordinators.

Admission Documents
Master’s Degree: Admission form, two (2) letters of recommendation, undergraduate diploma (or equivalent document), undergraduate transcript, resume, copies of personal documents (Identity Card, Social Security Number, Voter’s Inscription, Military Reserve Certificate).

Doctorate: Besides the documents neededfor admission into the masters degree program, a work plan referring to a project for a dissertation is required, together with the grades and diploma from the master’s degree (equivalent document). Specific rules about the work plan have been established by Resolution COPEC 02/2005

See Resolution COPEC 02/2005 (pdf).

Applicants withoutan undergraduate/Master’s Degree diploma can apply for admission on a conditional basis for the master’s degree/ doctorate, if they are able to prove that they have completed the required courses.

The applicants admitted as full-time students to the masters and doctoralprograms are eligible toreceive a scholarship, depending on availability. The program relieson the support of governmental entities, such as CNPq, CAPES, and FAPEMIG.

Required Forms
Admission Form (pdf)
Letter of recommendation (pdf)

More Information
Telephones: (31) 3559-1547 (Graduate);  (31) 3559-1546  (Deciv)
Fax: (31) 3559-1548
Secretaria de Pós-Graduação em Engenharia Civil
Departamento de Engenharia Civil
Escola de Minas
Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto
Campus Morro do Cruzeiro
Ouro Preto, MG

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