Since 1992, PROPEC has been contributing to the education of master’s degree-level engineers and architects in the field of steel construction, and, since 1998, those in the geotechnics. As of August 2012, PROPEC had overseen the conclusion of approximately 210 dissertations and theses (172 in steel construction and 38 in the Geotechnics).

Focus Points

Steel Construction

Graduate activities in this field began in 1982 with the creation of the Steel Structure Specialization Course (CEEM),  which later became: Steel Technological Specialization Course (CETUA).

In 1992, UFOP established the Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering focused on steel construction. In March of 2005, the CAPES approved the implementation of the doctorate in this field. As of August 2012, 172 dissertations and theses have been concluded in this field.
The lines of research for Steel Construction area are:
- Architecture
- Structural Behavior and Design
- Material and Structural Engineering
- Computational Mechanics


In 1987, the department created a specialization course for dam engineering: Dam Engineering Specialization Course (CEEB). In 1998, this geotechnical field became part of PROPEC and byOctober of 2006, 38 dissertations had beendefended.
The lines of research for this area are:
- Urban Hill side
- Applied Mining
- Environmental
- Numerical Methods
In 2006, with the creation of the Geotechnical Nucleus under the direction of the School of Mines, this field was officially disassociated from PROPEC.

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